my music

yes you guessed it! this page will be used as  my online musical practice space…imagine a tiny dark garage with temperatures hovering around 95 degrees. there are several rock band posters smearing the wall and perhaps a calender with chicks in bikinis posing on motorcycles. the small fridge in the corner has 2 beers and an almost empty bottle of cheap whiskey(or by the smell of it gas for a motorcycle) huddled in the garage are 5 sweaty dudes with mullets each standing next to enough audio equipment to play the largest of arenas…this is not an accurate picture of me and my music, but it was fun wasn’t it? Widgets

For rock lovers try: THE FIRMARY and look for the new single BLINK OF AN EYE on ITUNES very soon


For pop/rock/electronic lovers try INDORIA


indoria: Ten Years In One Night

For lovers of hardcore try SKIPLINE I appear on some live tracks as a guest vocalist on their latest disc.


Skipline: Skipline

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